Engineered out of the need to heat swimming pools in Gauteng , the Solco Fully Wetted pool heating panel is the only type of panel able to offer you all these features:

Corusol polymer technology

Maximum heat transfer, using all available surface area.

Fully Wetted Solar Panel Diagram

A long lifespan in tough elements

Solco’s fully wetted panel design is a perfect combination between functionality and durability.

Manufactured from tough UV-stabilized Polypropylene (PP) Solco’s fully wetted pool heating panels are engineered to last in the toughest weather.

A UV stabilizing compound is mixed into the PP before the raw panels are extruded, giving them superpanel strength in scorching summer sun.

Solco’s fully wetted pool heating panels are bonded to become one combined solid unit. This allows the panels to withstand just about any force of nature.

Plastic with Attitude

Just being tough on the outside is not good enough.

Solco’s Fully Wetted panels are made from polypropylene

What is polypropylene?

Here is the short answer:

  •  In our daily life, we find its uses it in the form of various house wares. Food containers made of polypropylene are of superior quality and can be safely washed in a dishwasher.
  • It is also used for making cans and syrup bottles that are required for food packaging.
  • Polypropylene mixes well with different types of dyes and its colorful fibers make beautiful carpets which have high durability. These carpets can be kept near swimming pools or other such areas where it is exposed to a lot of water.
  • It does not promote growth of bacteria on its surface and hence, it is used in various medical equipment.
  • Polypropylene, in its pure form, is used in semiconductor industry.
  • Due to the high impact property, it can withstand strong force. For this reason, ropes are often used for fishing and agriculture purposes.
  • In the construction sector, the uses of polypropylene are in manufacturing of pumps and different types of pipes.
  • In automotive sector, several auto parts like bumpers, battery cases, etc. are made up of polypropylene.

For the long answer, read more at Buzzle:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ? Leonardo da Vinci

We take this advice seriously.

Solco’s fully wetted panel are made from two parts. We then combine those two parts to make one solid, simplistic warm water factory.

Where aesthetics and practical use blend

When you have limited roof space or strict aesthetic codes, a Solco fully wetted pool heating system satisfies both.

Solco’s Fully Wetted panels require minimal space on a roof to heat up a pool.

Each panel measures 3000mm by 1350mm and is engineered to heat up about 10,000 Litres of water to a comfortable temperature. Solco can custom manufacture panels to fit on various types of roof.

When you need to heat your pool and want a product that looks good, Solco’s fully wetted panels are the natural choice. Our pool heating systems are accepted and allowed by every estate, even the strictest.

Solco’s Fully wetted panels come standard in gloss black

Fully wetted panels lighten the load

Solco’s fully wetted panels are hollow inside and when filled with water, contain about 8 Litres of water. On a standard size panel, the weight of the panel and water is spread over 4.05 square meters. This means that Solco’s fully wetted pool heating panels can fit on almost any roof.

Solco has fixed panels to Metal, Tile, Concrete, Thatch, Shingles and Slate roofs. Because our panels are so light, they can also be suspended on inexpensive support structures if no roof space is available.

Panels are anchored at 6 points and once fixed, cannot be blown away by wind.

Solco installs and delivers all over Africa

Solco has highly trained Technicians who install pool heating systems all over Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng.

Solco delivers DIY solar pool heating systems all over Africa. The Solco DIY fully wetted pool heating system pack contains all the necessary fittings to do a complete standard installation. The Solco Diy pool heating kit is very easy to install.


Solco Solar Pool Heating Panels are now available in the Algarve, Portugal